Botanical details
  • Genus: Ceropegia Family: Apocynaceae
General description
  • stems resembling Stapelia, but they grow much longer;
  • flowers are very singular with the corolla cut into five segments;
  • low growing succulent species creeping, scrambling or occasionally twining;
  • common names: Slangkamoo, Slangkambroo, Slangkambro, Snake creeper, Serpent Ceropegia, Serpiente enredadera, Ceropegia serpiente.

Origin and habitat: South Africa and Swaziland only S of 31° S (Uitenhage and Willowmore to Graaff Reinet and King William's Town).


  • usually found rooted in leaf mould under the protection of shrubs;
  • its vegetative parts are very well camouflaged, therefore it is quite difficult to spot, even when flowering.