Botanical details
  • Genus: Allium Family: Amaryllidaceae
General description
  • tip written on the original label: "please use planter as protection against vole-eating".

  • balcony plant;

  • planted on September 21st 2018;

  • showed first signs of blooming on April 23rd 2019;

  • high toleration to strong wind, rain, storm and heavy snow;

  • first allium that bloomed has a hint of purple, slightly whiteish;

  • called "Aflatunsky onions" in Russian;

  • amaryllis family;

  • often confused with A. hollandicum.

  • Origin and habitat: native to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

  • Habit:

  • 36-inch-tall (0.9 m) bulbous perennial plant, with flower heads being dense, globular umbels, about 4 inches (10 cm) across, made up of numerous star-shaped, purplish-pink flowers.