Botanical details
  • Genus: Adenium Family: Apocynaceae
General description

Syn. Adenium dhofarensis

  • succulent shrub or shrubby tree up to 3 m high;
  • its shape resembles a dwarf baobab;
  • stems arise from a large thickened rootstock, presenting peculiar characteristics which reflect the harsh environment in which it lives.

Origin and habitat: endemic to the Dhofar coast (Oman) and adjacent mountains of Yemen (Arabian Peninsula).

Altitude: around 960 metres above sea level.


  • tropical woodland;
  • is in leaf for about three months in summer, when its habitat is bathed in almost continuous heavy mist from the edge of the Asian monsoon (the rest of the year is hot and dry);
  • its huge leaves appear in mid summer and fall off by late autumn.